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It depends on the colour you look at it

Diamonds are generally associated with a transparent white colour. In reality, natural diamonds can come in a wide range of colours, from colourless to shades of yellow, brown, grey, blue, pink, and even black. The importance of colour lies in how it affects a diamond’s appearance, beauty and value.

The colour scale ranges from D (no colour) to Z (noticeable shades of yellow or brown), with subtle gradations between each letter. However, there are also diamonds with intense natural colours, such as pink, blue or yellow, which are exceptionally rare and valuable.

The importance of colour in a diamond lies in its ability to affect the overall appearance of the stone. A diamond with an unpleasant colour can appear dull or lifeless, while a diamond with an attractive colour can dazzle with its unique beauty. In addition, colour also influences how a diamond’s brilliance and fire are perceived, two key characteristics that contribute to its visual beauty.

Colour is a crucial aspect in the evaluation of diamonds, as it can significantly affect their appearance, value and aesthetic appeal. Whether looking for the crystalline purity of a colourless diamond or the rarity and beauty of a richly coloured diamond, colour choice is critical to finding the perfect diamond that reflects the taste and style of its owner.

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