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The purity of the spectrum

The clarity scale established by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the standard reference used in the industry, ranging from “Included” (I), where inclusions are evident to the naked eye, to “Flawless” (IF), which indicates that the diamond is free of flaws even under a 10x magnification loupe.

Inclusions can influence the appearance of a diamond, but they also tell the story of its formation, making each stone unique. However, it is essential to understand that most inclusions do not compromise the structural integrity of the diamond, unless they are extremely large or in unfavourable positions.

In terms of value, diamonds with higher clarity ratings are rarer and therefore more valuable. However, many factors contribute to a diamond’s overall beauty, and one with lower clarity but excellent cut and colour can exhibit impressive brilliance and fire, sometimes outperforming diamonds with higher clarity but inferior characteristics in other respects.

When selecting a diamond, clarity should be considered in conjunction with the other “Cs” (Cut, Colour and Carat) to determine the best combination to fit your budget and personal preferences. Often, inclusions are invisible to the naked eye, providing opportunities to find diamonds of excellent value that appear flawless to the naked eye, allowing buyers to invest more in other desirable characteristics, such as size or cut.

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