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Blood Diamonds

At diamonds.com, we are going to give you some clear guidelines on what they are, and what the consequences of mining these diamonds are. Blood diamonds, also known as conflict diamonds or war diamonds, are diamonds mined in conflict zones and sold to finance military activities, civil wars or violent activities that violate human rights. These diamonds are of international concern because of their role in financing armed conflict and human rights violations in various parts of the world.

The exploitation of blood diamonds is closely linked to regions where natural resources are controlled by rebel groups or armed militias. These groups use diamond mining and trade to finance their violent activities, often resulting in the perpetuation of armed conflict, violence against civilians and the exploitation of workers in inhumane conditions.

Blood diamonds may pass through multiple illegal channels before reaching the international diamond market. They are often mixed with legitimate diamonds, making them difficult to trace and ensuring that they can be sold without arousing suspicion. This lack of transparency in the diamond supply chain has led to the implementation of international measures to combat the illegal trade in blood diamonds.

In response to this concern, the Kimberley Process was established in 2003, an international initiative aimed at regulating the diamond trade and preventing the entry of blood diamonds into the legitimate market. The Kimberley Process requires participating countries to certify that their diamonds do not come from conflict zones and that they meet certain standards of control and monitoring.

Despite efforts to combat the trade in blood diamonds, the problem persists in some regions where armed conflicts continue to be fuelled by the exploitation of natural resources, including diamonds. Public awareness of the issue has led to increased scrutiny of the diamond industry and increased demand for ethical and certified conflict-free diamonds.

At diamonds.com, we believe that blood diamonds represent a major human rights and world peace concern. Combating the illegal trade in blood diamonds remains a challenge, but international efforts, coupled with the demand for ethical diamonds, are helping to mitigate this problem and promote more responsible practices in the diamond industry.

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